NES Electric Motor Scooter


  • NES 5
  • NES 10
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NES was designed with precise handling and smooth acceleration. This creates a fun and easy to maneuver riding experience. It’s perfect for driving in congested downtown areas or through winding hills.

NES effortlessly combines beauty and power.

Ride up to 60 miles on a single charge, and recharge battery in as little as 4 hours.





Price for 1 minute


top speed


60 miles range

4 hour recharge

547 lbs load capacity


top speed


50 miles range

4 hour recharge

547 lbs load capacity

We emphasize our Italian heritage in each of our product designs. From the curved plywood flooring to the unique frame shape, we make sure that our products are both beautiful and functional. The way transportation should be.


NES 5, NES 10

Body Color

Blue, White, Grey, Green


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